Did It Rain The WHOLE Time??

No, in fact, some of the time, it hailed, and some of the time, it snowed… Other than those times, though, it did rain for the entire duration of my long run. But better that than the entire duration of a long bike. I would like to point out that it is supposedly spring and supposedly April SHOWERS bring May flowers or whatever, not April HAIL STORMS. It was especially weird because it was super warm last night and there were thundershowers, then the temperature fell all day.

I was also a total idiot and forgot my gloves, so my hands went numb, but other than that it was a good run. My heart-rate was a bit down, since I am tired, but I was able to coax a bit of speed out of my legs. We’ll see if they are so easily fooled again tomorrow during a long bike. Fortunately, it is supposed to finally be nice and sunny, so it should be a great day for biking.

I’ve got one more short swim plus a bit of maintenance work on the weights that I’ll do in the AM. Then it’s a tough session on the bike with a 20K TT just to give’r because every so often, it is good to give’r just to see what the state of your Plan B actually is should you need it. Then it’s a 10K +/- (which really means +) off the bike, and it’s a wrap on a monstrous build.

Then I pack (lightly) for the Timex camp, and I’m off EARLYEARLYEARLY on Monday morning to Arizona, where it rarely rains and even more rarely sleets and even more rarely snows. If it does so while I am there, heads will roll…

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