Chasing Storms

“Believe Me, Nothing Comes Easy.” – Dieter Hogen

For a little background, please go check out the site There is a video underneath the above quote that is pretty magical. It is a montage of some runners who are part of the KIMbia running group. They are some of the best endurance runners in the world, and watching them run is just beautiful and magical. In the video, they are running outside of Boulder, CO, but the scenery is quite similar to what we have here in Flagstaff. I have to walk across the street, duck through a barbwire fence to keep the wildlife out, and then I’m on the trails.

Thursday afternoon, we had a storm blow in. The clouds were piling up in the sky, and you could tell it was about to pour. I laced up my sneakers and headed out for a 90-minute run. About thirty minutes in, the rain started coming down. It was just spitting at first, and the weather was nice and cool. I felt really strong, just like back home, rather than 7,000ft. up in the sky. I was all alone on the fireroads around Lake Mary, pounding the red dirt. Off in the distance, I could see some cracks of lightning touching down in the distance, but I felt safe with the tall trees around me. The longer I ran, the harder the rain came down, and the better I felt.

It was just me, running, and as I turned around about 50 minutes in, I realized that the storm had been on my back, chasing me down the trails. As I headed back home, the wind was stiff in my face, driving the rain against me, and I felt even faster. My feet seemed to weigh nothing, as this time it was me chasing towards to the center of the storm. Soaking wet, I kept running, alone with the trees and the storm. It was one of those days where I could have run forever. I kept running faster and faster, feeling like I was floating. Some days, you just have it.

It was a fantastic run, and while I don’t expect everyday to be like that, it was nice to have it even just for that brief 90 minutes on the trails.

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