Triathlete’s Son Missing…

The following is a plea for help from a fellow triathlete whom I know through the triathlon forum There is a link at the bottom to a page with pictures of Paul. Please take a minute to take a look at the page. It’s a big world, but amazingly can be a very small one too.

“My 19 year old son Paul Shuman-Moore disappeared from Grinnell College in Iowa on September 25th. He left a suicide note, but every person he knows says he was his usual happy self and the note was almost jovial. No history of depression or the slightest hint of such tendencies. There was an intense search of the area and no body has been found. We are now operating under the assumption that he either changed his mind and hit the road or had some romantic notion of going off the grid. We’ve gotten some media coverage in Iowa and in our home town, Chicago. But I’d guess that if he truly wants to disappear, he is somewhere else in the country. We decided to go national, so on Friday I was interviewed for a Geraldo at Large segment set to air on Monday October 9th.

Slowtwitch is a nationwide group, so I figure it can’t hurt for you folks to see his face. The following is the web site I created with links to a posters we are plastering all over Chicago and surrounding areas.

Link to pictures of Paul:

– Steve Moore”

You may of course republish this on your own blog, send out via email, etc. Thanks to everyone in advance…

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