Team Idiots At Altitude: 2, Grand Canyon Racing: 0

So Simon and I won another round against Grand Canyon racing today. Last week, it was brute force tactics as the two of us chased down their breakaway man. This week, we executed a little better, with me splintering the group early. Simon then got boxed in, but managed to pull back and out and bridge up. He was just in time, as I started to fade back a bit waiting for him to pull me through, bu the showed up and managed to keep bring me back into the splinter group at the front. So it was the two of us, and two from Grand Canyon racing. We sat in a bit to catch our breath, then it was game on again. I lead out, hoping Simon would latch on the Grand Canyon guy I was sure would try to cover. The GC guy did try to cover, and Simon latched onto his wheel expertly, waiting until he was toast and sprinting away for the win. A perfectly executed lead out and win. Not bad for two hacks who can’t really ride…

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