Happy Halloween

In honor of Halloween, I dressed up three times today. First, I dressed up like a runner for an hour easy run on the urban trail. This was after a bs’ing session with Mr. Q in the sauna in anticipation of some heat for our upcoming races (Q in Cancun, myself in Clearwater). After that, I dressed up like a swimmer for an 11 x 400 set in the pool (400 w/u, 4×400 swim descend, 400 easy, 4×400 pull descend, 400 cooldown). Then I dressed up like a cyclist for a bit of threshold efforts, which went quite well as I pounded out some great watts for being up at altitude. Typical that just as I start to feel really acclimated, we are getting ready to leave…

After all this dressing up, I was very tired, so I abandoned all my costumes and ate some leftovers for dinner…

Overall, though, it was a solid October. We spent all of October in Flagstaff, and Q and I both put in some hard training.

My October totals:
Total Hours: 109:55
Swim Yards: 94,727 (those easy Mondays kept me from hitting 100,000… darn)
Bike Miles: 1,027
Run Miles: 203

So great prep for Clearwater and also another solid building block for the future. That’s the great irony isn’t it, that this month will probably pay off more next year than this… But as Dieter says, “nothing comes easy!”

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