Anti-Ejection Cages

There are threads on this regularly on the Slowtwitch forum, so I thought I’d share (and archive) my own tip on how to make an anti-ejection bottle cage for a behind the seat carrier. I’ve lost my fair share of bottles, and this is the first thing that really seems to hold strong.
Step 1. Get a Trek Batcage. You’ll need to go a Trek store, since they don’t sell them online (Trek policy).

Step 2: Drill holes in the end of each “finger.” I think it was a 3/16 drillbit, but don’t hold me to that

Step 3: Get an elastic shoelace (I used a Yankz lace for mine) and thread it through the holes

Step 4: Pull semi snug and tie off at each end

Step 5: Cut and burn the ends to keep from fraying

Step 6: Go ride a bumpy road to field test.

Finished Product:

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