New Kicks

Check these out…

Oh, moving a little fast for you? 😉

Many thanks to Alana Stewart and the folks at Lake. These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn, out of the box. The upper is a mix of synthetics and kangaroo leather (just like a good pair of soccer cleats). They lace up with the BOA lacing system, which uses a stainless steel wire (very fine) instead of velcro or ratchet straps. The reel is located on the heel, which pulls your foot back into the heel cup. It’s very nice. I’ve only got a couple rides on them, but I’m very pleased. I’ll check back once I’ve got some more time in the saddle with these dogs under my feet.

The model is the CX330 C. You can check out these and the rest of Lake’s shoes at

6 thoughts on “New Kicks

  1. I’ve got eSoles in my shoes, so that makes any footbed a lot nicer. Sofar, I like the BOA lacing a lot. It takes a lot of pressure off yourforefoot. Will report back when I crack the 1000k mark.


  2. Sizing is true to the chart. I wear a 45 in these, and the fit is similar to a 45 in my old Shimano shoes. I had a 44 for my specialized trivents, which run funny.


  3. Hey,Sorry to bug you, but I listened to your interview and am curious. You mentioned a benchmark work out that you’ll use to come up with your Ironman pace on the bike, any chance you want to share that with us? Also, I don’t use power, could you associate it over to hr?


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