The Drive North

So I’m back settled in Victoria after driving up from Los Angeles. It’s a long way. Just over 1300 miles. I took some photos during the drive to chronicle the adventure…

Lunch Day 1: double-double, fries, & a chocolate shake. This necessitated a nap at a rest stop about an hour later.

Central California is flat. VERY flat. There is a LOT of this (and not much else).

Next turn – 558 miles. FYI, that “turn” is a slight bearing to the left, which is followed by a similar section of driving where next turn is 350-some miles before another bearing to the left.

Half a day’s worth of dead bugs on the windshield

Shasta Lake. There isn’t a good place anywhere to capture the lake fully, so this was the best I could do. It looks cold, and I imagine it is. Good for icing the legs…

The woods surrounding Shasta Lake. Lots of hiking trails. This area is mighty purty.

Close up of the swath of destruction I blazed through the insect world.

Sunset over the Shasta region. Wow. This was incredible.

Don’t forget there is a bike on the roof of the car!!

Approaching Mt. Shasta. It’s pretty spectacular.

Another approach shot. I wanted to make sure I got a good one. This is the last picture from Day 1.

Day 2. Rolling along the river in Portland. Those are actually docks on the other side of the road. It’s a big shipping channel for logs, among other things.

Lunch on Day 2 in honor of Coach Joel.

Snake Eyes! Check out the odometer – 111,111 miles!

SafeCo Field. This is where the Yankees come to beat up the Mariners.

It does have a very cool retractable roof. This is necessity because it rains a LOT here.

Ze Border! I’m here!! That was a long way…

No pictures from the ferry ride over to Victoria. That’s old news. Actually, it’s because I had to pay attention to driving to get to the ferry terminal, so I spaced on taking more pictures…

3 thoughts on “The Drive North

  1. We just made that drive – twice! 19hrs in a straight shot from Vancouver to Xantusia. Took a break in Yreka on the way back (and I got a ticket the next day because of that…)We noticed a HUGE improvement in fuel economy when we stuffed the bikes in the car rather than on the roof, too.


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