Almost Famous

So I guess this is sort of cheating but I did take the time to write out a bunch of stuff, albeit for somebody else. was kind enough to post an interview I did with Mimi Boyle of True Motion, who has been provided with some of the best looking clothing around. They all got tired of their significant others, family members, etc. telling them to stop wearing race t-shirts everywhere, so they created clothes for triathletes that don’t look like triathlon clothes. Anyhow, that doesn’t really have anything to do with the interview, which is about my race at Arizona. I figure this is a good stop gap post, since I’ll have a bunch of race reports coming with two halves in the next two weeks, which hopefully will not add up to a whole. This is the first thing I’ve ever done where I was THE feature (the interview that is), so please forgive my immodesty.

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