Staying Tuned

Geoffrey Bishop of Stay-Tuned AZ, our amazing massage therapist in Flagstaff, did a photo shoot for an article he was writing for Massage & Bodywork magazine with myself, Dr. Kyle Jones, and Kirsten Sweetland. The article itself is really very interesting, as it focuses a lot on Geoffrey’s approach to treating elite athletes. Read the full article (PDF) here. And also please visit Geoffrey’s blog (yes, that’s my torso).

One thought on “Staying Tuned

  1. Hey there Jordan! Good, no GREAT JOB at Shawnigan Lake!! And again in Idaho! Thanks for posting the article, the opening picture of you is by far the best! I know I put in old info about your sponsorship, maybe I get a watch out of the deal? Right. Thanks again for your willingness to take time out of your busy training schedule in Flag to help me on this project, glad you liked the content, I hope it serves as an inspiration to other therapists and triathletes alike….Take good care. Drop me a line sometime. Oh, good luck in Beijing 😉


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