Positional Ponderings

After watching the Women’s Olympic Time Trial the other night, I set out to find some pictures of the athletes, since the speed and moto-base video make it hard to really capture some of the riders positions.

Canada’s lone representative in the TT is a very, very good cyclist who lives and trains here in Victoria. She’s a heckuva nice person, and a tremendous athlete, so I hope that if somehow someone sends this to her, that she doesn’t think I’m picking on her as an athlete. I am not.

Unfortunately, she clearly didn’t get a lot of help (or any help) from anyone with an understanding of positioning. Her chances at a podium finish were really over before she left the start house, and what’s such a shame is that they needn’t have been. From an ability level, she is a significantly better cyclist than what she showed. But she never had a chance.

2nd To Last


3 thoughts on “Positional Ponderings

  1. good observation. I also notice that she has a water bottle on the bike for a race this only last 35min? I didn’t see one on Armstrongs bike.Looks like she needs to get some more drop in those bars, an ergo post possibly or the dreaded 650 wheels.


  2. It’s a bit hard to get the whole picture from static pics… just like its hard to do so during a static bike fit. The difference between the two is pretty significant though! Hopefully she will see these pics and draw her own conclusions. I’ll help if she wants me to 🙂


  3. Who knows, she might have been fit properly, but doesn’t have that kind of flexibility. However, I don’t think that is the case and Jordan is probably right. As for the aero bottle, if there isn’t a crazy sidewind, it will probably make you faster. In one of Joe Friels books (or maybe it was another book) they recommend a water bottle when the race is longer than 25 minutes.


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