In Beijing!

So after many hours of travel, I’m here in Beijing to watch the Olympics. It was a long trip! Still getting settled, but more news soon. Canada finally on the board with three medals. Hooray for my adopted (adopting??) homeland. The Beijing Airport, finished in March of this year, was astounding. You could eat off the floors, though I didn’t. Managed to stay up late and, hopefully, reset the clock. Weather here is beautiful. The rain really cleared things up, and there were blue skies and a beautiful view of the moon from the rooftop where we had dinner last night. The city is an odd mix of old and new, much like I imagine NYC was many, many years ago. Photos coming, as well as live reports from the field. Back to blogging in a big way now that I’m settled and have my umbilical cord, I mean internet, reattached!

Live from Beijing,


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