Back On The Chain Gang

So I will call today the first official training day of 2009. I’m back at my favorite stomping grounds at the base of the San Gabriels. Got in a good swim, good bike, and good run today. In addition to getting back into the groove of training, I did some grocery shopping to fuel the return to training, much of which I cooked up into some tequila lime chicken (from scratch) with quinoa and guacamole. I got unpacked and settled in back at the GTC and reminded myself why I like the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center so much. Not much else to report. Tomorrow will be more of the same, with a 5k swim and longer ride on the schedule, plus a trip to the gym for weights. More than anything, it just feels right to be back doing what I love to do. 2009 has begun. Simon is giving me continous updates from Maui, where I head next Wednesday after doing a FIST workshop next Monday & Tuesday. I’m looking forward to two and half weeks in sunny Hawaii, which is even warmer than sunny California.

Time to HTFU and get back to work…

One thought on “Back On The Chain Gang

  1. wow… even MORE incentive to pop over from kona next week. Why are all you dudes on Maui. The BI is where the action’s at. 😉 Rose Bowl pool is n-i-c-e.


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