Define Normal

I’m trying to decide if I feel normal or not. Normal is a weird thing when training is your life. Right now, I’m quite tired. I’m starting to feel better when I actually train, though I’m by no means fast. It’s weird to think two months ago, I would have felt like a slug in slow motion going at speeds that I struggle to go right now. But I guess that’s part of the bargain. Since IMAZ, I’ve taken a longer break than I’ve ever taken, even when I was rowing. It was not really enjoyable, but circumstances conspired against me. I guess it was a good lesson in terms of planning to make sure that I don’t allow it to happen again. Despite not really feeling great about the offseason, I’m hoping that it may have at least been a good thing in terms of repairing from the Ironman. I’m hopeful, and optimistic, that all of this will be a foggy memory by the end of the month, with the first camp of the year in the bag. Until then, I’ll be content to wallow in my own slowness. At this current moment, that’s as good a “normal” as I can imagine.

2 thoughts on “Define Normal

  1. I am SOOO with you on this one. Travel conspired against me big time. For the first time in 3 years my butt got sore from a ride. I had actually lost my cyclist butt! That is shameful…Jodi


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