Swim. Bike. Run. Rock – and help fight the war on ALS

IRONBAND holiday single released on Blazeman Record Label with 100% of proceeds going to the Blazeman Foundation in support of ALS awareness and research

It’s not often that something that started as a humorous side project intended to simply bring smiles to runners, cyclists, and triathletes evolves into something with a greater purpose. And frankly, despite our being involved in a few modest philanthropic efforts over the past couple of years, you’ve come to know us as a bunch of semi-musically inclined, middle-of-the pack triathletes who generally don’t display a note of seriousness among the off-key notes in our music.

As luck would have it, an opportunity to use our music to help fight the war on ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) fell into our laps this week and we’re both humbled and excited to play a small part in the efforts of a fantastic organization…

Click HERE to read the rest on the IronBand site. Or buy the song on iTunes and help support the Blazeman Foundation.

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