Return to the Valley of Fire

En route to Interbike 2011, I stopped in at the Valley of Fire, part of the iconic bike ride of the Leadman Tri Life Time EPIC 250. It is certainly the most spectacular section of that course and would be a great part of any bike ride. Currently, of the three races being held in Lake Mead State Park in 2011 – Leadman, 70.3 World Championships, and ITU Long Distance World Champs – only Leadman ventures far enough out into the desert to actually allow athletes to abuse themselves in this scenic park. So for those folks who aren’t quite ready to handle the admittedly ridiculously long 125mi (223km) bike, I didn’t think you should miss out. So I mounted up my GoPro, honed my driving skills, enhanced said driving skills via high-speed video, and made a little movie magic… Check out the video on

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