Bike For Sale. Ridden Hard. Put Away Wet.

It is this bike. That’s me winning a World Championship on it.
– Comes with both forward and setback seatposts.
– Comes with both straight and s-bend extensions (both totally uncut)
– Comes with brake-levers with brake-tension adjustment knobs (these are the levers that come with the bike)

 This is the 2010/2011 “nose-cone” Shiv “module” WITHOUT CRANKSET. Size LARGE (same geometry as current Shiv TT).

 Note: I have all of the hardware to adjust the aerobar pad height. All the towers/riser/bolts. I *also* have a ton of stainless steel hardware, which I upgraded on the whole front end, which I will include.

You will need:
– BB30 crankset
 – Front derailleur
 – Rear derailleur
 – Shifters
(And, of course, wheels/tires/tubes/casette/chain)

 As with my Transition (the bike I rode at IMAZ ’10 in my comeback race), I care more about this bike going to someone special than getting the most money I can for it. I won some pretty special races on this bike. So I want it to go to someone for whom it will also mean something. So, make a fair offer. No reasonable offer will be rejected.

 The Transition went to a college kid. I sold it for less than $1000. I like the idea of a young kid who will appreciate it, since I was once in that same position. But anyone for whom the bike would be a special is something I’ll consider.

Slowtwitch Forum thread HERE. Or you can email using the form on the right. Or send me a message on Twitter; extra bonus for a really good story in 140chrs. Or send me a message on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Bike For Sale. Ridden Hard. Put Away Wet.

  1. dang wish you could have posted sooner I just out grew my triathlon bike had to buy a slice cause it was all I could find then.


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