37. Thirty-seven. That’s how many people wrote unbelievable stories asking for my bike for themselves (and, in a couple cases, for someone else). So here’s what I’ve decided to do. I’ve enlisted some friends and family to help read them all. We’re each making our recommendations as to which we think are the most deserving. We’re trying to narrow it down to 3-5. But that’s proving pretty dang difficult. But that’s my goal. Once we’ve done that, I’m going to check in with the folks who sent in to make sure it’s okay to publicize their stories (anonymously if they want), and then I’m going to use one of the various polling engines available on the web to let the world decide who gets it.
Now, some of you may be wondering why I said the bike was for sale. Well, it was. But reading these stories, I really don’t want the money. BUT, I’ve learned that people value things a lot more when they have to give something up for them. The number that everyone seems to be able to afford is $500. So, that’s going to be the price for whomever wins. Only, it’s not going to me. 50% will go to “my” charity – World Bicycle Relief. And 50% will go to the charity of the winner’s choosing. 
Oh, yeah. The bike now comes with shifters, front derailleur, and rear derailleur. I’m sure I should have organized this better, but I never expected this kind of response, and well, I’ve just been so touched by the stories I’ve heard, that I don’t really think I can open this up into a free for all or anything more. So, that’s the way it works this time. Next time, I’ll try to be a bit more fair from the outset.
You’re going to a new home…

4 thoughts on “37

  1. The only problem with getting the rest of the world to vote is that it becomes a popularity contest. Participants and their relatives and friends will simply ask all their friends to vote for them, rather than vote for the best essay.


  2. Agreed on the comment above. With facebook and twitter it becomes a who can TYPE IN ALL CAPS war. You said the person had to be special and I just want to say this might not be the most fair, but then again it is your bike and contest and someone deserving is getting a new bike so still awesome. (I did not enter btw)


  3. @Anonymous, I was/am concerned about that except for two reasons. I've narrowed it down to few enough people, that even if it did just end up being a popularity contest, the winner would still be a great match. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I'd wager my own ability to get people to vote far exceeds the people who are in contention. If they all get their friends/family, and I get all of Slowtwitch and recruit some guys like Macca, Simon W., etc to ask folks to vote, well, that should sufficiently dilute any votes that are simply people voting for their friend. Let's hope so anyway… But as I said, it really can't go to a “wrong” person here.


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