Bib #268

#268. It doesn't seem like a particularly auspicious number. But on August 5, those three digits will become an indelible part of my triathlon journey. Since I first learned about the Norseman Xtreme Tri, through the participation in 2005 of my long-time friend and some-time training partner Bjorn Andersson, it has remained something of a … Continue reading Bib #268


Ironman Texas The Woodlands, TX ★ 2017.04.22 © xkcd You always have the opportunity to repent of an earlier bad decision - Dan Empfield (talking about bike fit...) Don't just do something; stand there - Dwight Eisenhower / Clint Eastwood / The White Rabbit / etc (aka, nobody really knows...) Some or all of you may have … Continue reading Mulligan


Campeche is, simply, beautiful. Highly recommend this race. Ironman 70.3 Campeche Campeche, MEX ★ 2017.03.19 Technically, this wasn't my first race of the season. In an effort to avoid a repeat of the past few years where I've struggled to both remember how to race and how to be competitive, I decided to shake the rust … Continue reading ¡Venga!

Real Women of BAMFness: Rebecca Rusch

Rebecca Rusch is one of those people who simply defines what it really means to be a BAMF. The obvious reasons include her remarkable athletic accolades. But as I've come to know more about her and to, thankfully, get to know her personally in a small way, those achievements pale in comparison to the depth … Continue reading Real Women of BAMFness: Rebecca Rusch

134 Applications Received. But *THREE* Bikes to Give Away. Update on 2016 4-C’s of Dimond.

So, Dec. 1 has passed. Applications are now closed, though if any trickled in, I'll still accept those ones. But that's old news. So I owe an update. I received 134 applications. Some of these may be redundant (people sending in additional info). Some may be obvious non-starters, "Hi, I reli nede an biek cuz … Continue reading 134 Applications Received. But *THREE* Bikes to Give Away. Update on 2016 4-C’s of Dimond.

Coffee Talk

just like training, it's all about the process.I think (hope) lots of folks know that I have developed a fondness (aka obsession) with making good espresso. As you might expect, it's the technical nature that really has driven me to become so passionate. I bought the domain, and while I am not yet ready … Continue reading Coffee Talk