Mercury Rising (Or Rather, Risen)

So the weather report is calling for a hot one in Arizona this upcoming Sunday. With a projected high of 93F, Coach Joel decided it would be a worthwhile character building endeavor to have me to the heat acclimatization protocol. So, I set up shop in the bathroom with two 1500w space heaters and a thermometer, and I was off to the races. The first day was hard. REALLY hard. Here I am on day #5, which was not too bad at all. So far, the best movie for training has been “Terminator 2: Judgement Day.” There’s a lot of action, so it makes the time really go by a lot faster. Good headphones to quiet the noise of the trainer is also good. Remember to hydrate! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Mercury Rising (Or Rather, Risen)

  1. wow; you are something else. i love that you’re so nuts–nuts enough to ride a bike in the hot bathroom.i’ll remember this the next time a certain someone says “artists are crazy”. lol. 🙂seriously though, you’re looking so ready, and it’s going to be a great race day. your hot sessions should really pay off; it’s a super smart tactic! we’ll be following all race day and sending “go fast” vibes. can’t wait to watch you whoop up out there!happy taper,joanne


  2. AWESOME. So Simon gets a fancy trailer with scientists in labcoats and you get to ride in the can. I see the hierarchy… Looks like you’re race ready. Knock ’em dead, bro. Make Rutger HURT. 🙂


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