The Sweet Taste of (Almost) Victory

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful emails after Ironman Arizona. It was a great day. It was the closest race in Ironman history, with 1:12 separating first through fourth. I was lucky enough to sneak my way onto the podium with a sprint that came out of… somewhere. Race report is coming soon.

Photo © 2008 Jay Prashun

10 thoughts on “The Sweet Taste of (Almost) Victory

  1. Hey Jordan. I met your mom as we cheered you on your run out of T2, you were looking great and we were stoked to see you in third and sooo close. Your mom rocks, you are lucky to have such good support. She told me about the blog so I checked it out first thing today. We cheered for you all day. It was brutally hot and windy – absolutely amazing job out there!


  2. great 2nd ironman ever, I am excited to see two up and coming americans. One Q’s if you don’t mind watt kind of power did you average to smoke the field on Sun. IF that is secret info understandable, well great race and you can only get better!cheers


  3. Sneak you way onto the podium? I gather not. Oh..and that mattress you never came to get up here in Boston at my house, Ha! You’ll be sponored by that IM Mattress company by the end of the week. p.s. if no one has already mentioned this to you, Paula was raggin’ on you for having a flapping race number on you back during the bike coverage. lol… Happy racing and training.


  4. way to go Jordan. it’s major, you’re major! now, everyone will know who you are; a force to be reckoned with.congrats,joanne gerwe


  5. Sneak my ass – you were on a (paced) tear from the moment you got out of the water!Take a few minutes off that swim and you’re not just “on” the podium, but on it at the highest point. Nicely done, bro… Nicely done.


  6. Jordan that was a classic race report for an unbelievalbe race. Wish I could have seen the finish!I am very happy for you…and your mom was very sweet and so proud!Jacqui


  7. Hello, Jordan. Magda Swisher here. My husband, Willie, and I met you in April, while in California with Simon Whitfield. You and I spoke for a little bit during the GMP welcome dinner. Willie and I truly enjoyed meeting you and riding with you (thank you for checking on us during the rides). You are an exceptional athlete and a very sincere young man. Congratulations again on placing in Arizona. I really like your blog, “”, cute!


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